Good Health In The
Palm Of Your Hand

Healthcare needs are changing

With rapidly changing demographics and strained healthcare budgets around the globe, the need to empower individuals to take back control of their health is greater than ever.

There are over 300K+ wellness apps and hundreds of various wearable devices all attempting to empower a healthier world – yet none of them can answer our most basic questions:
Am I OK?
What can I do
to stay healthy?
When should
I see a doctor?

Introducing mia

Our signature software

mia is comprised of a comprehensive suite of applications designed to empower its users to take control of their health & to provide real-time decision support to healthcare professionals.

Our Technology

Our proprietary cognitive AI is what puts mia in a class of its own.

By taking insights from Machine Learning (the data, facts and figures from monitoring devices) and combining it with the input of dozens of medical experts in dozens of health disciplines mia is able to predict the likelihood of adverse health events even before symptoms are present and provide real time recommendations to help prevent them.